Our Philosophy

At Kadina Child Care Centre we endeavour to lay the foundations of a child’s education and encourage them to embrace the traits of resilience, respect, confidence, nurturing and empathy. We do this by working collaboratively with both families and community, providing a rich and holistic environment where the children’s uniqueness is promoted and drives our curriculum.

We provide a safe, home-like environment where children and their families are confident they will  always feel welcome.

As a team we embrace the Reggio-Emilia approach where the Educators provide the children with an opportunity to explore their interests and the environment inspires curiosity, exploration and discovery.

This environment is free from bias and judgement. Diversity is celebrated and the Educators uphold the Early Childhood Code of Ethics.

It is always our intention to educate the children in the benefits of living a “green” and sustainable lifestyle as these children are our future. We want to leave our world in safe hands.